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Thomas Power

Guest contributer

Thomas Power is a business advisor, board director, and blockchain influencer.

Thomas is an advisor to the OST project and the OpenST Foundation. He has an extensive background serving as a board member in 6 companies and as a board advisor in 2 more, including 9 Spokes, a smart dashboard platform for viewing businesses metrics. Thomas also co-authored a book with Sean Au about ICOs, cryptocurrencies and tokens called Tokenomics. With over 300k Twitter followers, Thomas is a well-connected blockchain influencer that brings blockchain to business. He spends his time reading and filtering patterns, shapes, and trends.

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WhatsApp: +447875695012


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Interview with Thomas Power

While Crypto is not part of our business, we like our blog to feature all representatives of our eco-system. That is why I (Iftach Drori) approached Thomas Power to get his view on the current state of Crypto and get his thoughts on regulating the field and the adoption struggles it is currently facing.


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