Proactive Communication Supervision

Bring strategic coverage back to supervision.

Go beyond defense with a proactive first line. Put the right conversations in front of the right reviewers with smarter automation and advanced AI capabilities.

Irrelevant and inefficient reviews

Today’s supervisory review process is marked by constant manual work, frequent reconfigurations, irrelevant and inefficient review, and substantial human error.

  • Manual overhead
  • Inefficient review
  • Manual case management

Simplified and effective supervision

Blend smart automation with AI for an easy, efficient, and strategic supervisory regime.

  • Automated and efficient
  • Strategic and proactive
  • Smarter decision-making
Rapid setup and configuration

Simplify your review hierarchy and group management with automated group setup and maintenance.

Strategic coverage

Build robust and strategic coverage schemas with customizable random sampling methods and rules for specific business areas. Sample-based on AI risk score, instances of problematic words, and more.

Smarter workflows

Streamline your processes with custom workflows tailored for each business group.

AI-driven efficiency

Leverage advanced AI capabilities to reduce noise and focus on real risks.

Enhance decision-making

Gain valuable risk insights and facilitate better decisions with post-initial-review investigations and escalations.

Unlock collaboration

Share data insights and open up wider collaborative opportunities across the first and second lines of defense work by integrating with Shield. Surveillance.

Use cases

Play offense with supervision

Head of supervision

Supervising managers

IT teams

Use cases

Play offense with supervision

Head of supervision

Supervising managers

IT teams

Efficient review process

You know that every sample is relevant and expands your risk coverage. No wasted review opportunities. No wasted resources. Nothing missing in your analysis.

Improve risk coverage

Use flexible team setup and custom rules to deploy a strategic coverage schema across the business.

Strategic oversight

Manage, track, and analyze your supervision regime with increased visibility, custom workflows, and risk insights.

Unlock collaboration

Thanks to integrations with Shield. Surveillance, the first and second lines of defense work seamlessly together – sharing data insights and opening up wider collaborative opportunities.

Reduce workloads

No more chasing dead ends or manually digging to find the context of every communication and make informed decisions.

Focus on risk

Advanced AI identifies the communications you really need to see, so you can review them fast, meet KPI’s and get back to work.

Escalate effortlessly

One tool to review comms, escalate issues, and collaborate to uncover the truth.

Centralized supervision ops

No more handling countless requests for data. All communications are processed for surveillance in a single tool, with further data investigation available for self-service by end-users.

Easy coverage maintenance

Easily set up permissions and profiles that are tailored to your workflows, ensuring the right users can access the right records at the right times.

Automated setup and configuration.

Adapt to personnel changes with automated hierarchy and group management

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