Communications Surveillance Software

Uncover invisible insights

Multilayered AI coverage that empowers you to read between the lines of your employee communications

3,426 daily alerts.
Zero insights.

Lexicon-based tools see the keywords but they ignore the context. Which means you’re inundated with false positive alerts that throw you off track for days.

  • No voice capabilities
  • No way to monitor multiple languages
  • A mysterious AI black box

100% of your data covered.
97% fewer false positives.

Shield. Surveillance sees everything. All your comms data in every format.

  • Putting every conversation in context
  • OOTB, pre-built models
  • Multilayered coverage
Unparalleled coverage

Get the ultimate defense (and offense) against compliance risks. Advanced technologies, multiple AI algorithms, and scenarios, combined with customizable lexicons, offer unmatched accuracy and coverage.

90% alert relevancy rate

Go beyond surface-level analysis to detect context, semantics, sentiment, intent, relevancy to understand the true meaning of each data point, providing a complete view of potential compliance risks.

Know more. Solve more.

Get clear and actionable insights for every alert, making it easy for compliance officers to understand and mitigate risks.

Continuous improvement

Ensure optimal performance and adapt to changing compliance needs with Shield’s Machine Learning capabilities constantly improving based on your usage and feedback.

No more language barriers

Apply multilingual models that understand any conversion in any language. Proactively detect slang, jargon, local dialect, language hopping, organizational shorthand and speech patterns.

Accessible, explainable AI

Get fully transparent and regulator-friendly models, giving you complete peace of mind and a clear understanding of how your platform works to keep your business compliant.

Use cases

Transforming compliance at every level

Head of surveillance/ CCO

Compliance reviewers and analysts

Compliance tech

Use cases

Transforming compliance at every level

Head of surveillance/ CCO

Compliance reviewers and analysts

Compliance tech

Expand coverage

Get laser focused detection for market abuse (MAR), employee misconduct, consumer investment relationship (CIR), and information handling.

Create a hub

One place where everything converges. All your data and all your team members, all in one place for maximum efficiency, flexibility and coverage.

Close gaps

Analyze any form of communications – including voice data and data in other languages – to close gaps in your surveillance and protect your business.

Upgrade efficiency

Direct your team’s effort and attention where it really matters to cut down on wasted time and burnout.

See value fast

Out-of-the-box technology means you see results from day one. Maximum ROI, minimal fuss.

Maximize impact

Monitoring communications becomes beautifully simple, with less time spent chasing false alerts and over-policing comms. Which means more time to focus on the cases that need you.

Effortless interfacing

Intuitive, accessible UI gives you insights into every alert empowering your people,  making onboarding fast, adoption easy, and day-to-day compliance simple.

Upgrade reporting

Pull together reports, share insights, and escalate issues fast, at the click of a button – without jumping between multiple platforms and disrupting processes.

Smarter spending

Lower TCO and more efficiency means better ROI – and more budget for you to use elsewhere.

Effortless operations

Set and update policies without breaking a sweat. Find data in a flash. And integrate everything seamlessly – with no need for extended data normalization projects.

Deploy anywhere

In the cloud or hybrid. Whatever works for you and your infrastructure.

Implement fast

Shield. Proactive Surveillance is ready to start working out of the box, with minimal onboarding time.

AI made accessible

Dive into AI adoption without risking your compliance or kicking off a lengthy implementation.


Be sure that your compliance teams have ALL their data

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