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Why your Communications Surveillance System needs multi-channel capture and correlation

Multi-communication channels have forever removed the option of a simple email storage server and recorded voicemails and any firm that aims to truly meet regulator requirements to minimize bad actors, in order to reduce the likelihood of fines and reputational damage should be actively exploring multi-channel communications surveillance software.

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Shield Introduces Hybrid Cloud Solution For Financial Institutions

Shield's platform provides cloud advantages without sacrificing existing on-premises data strategy, supporting banks' and other firms' urgent need to migrate to the cloud.

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Shield Selected as Finalist in the 2022-2023 Cloud Awards

Latest honor recognizes the company as a cloud innovator and further signifies the need for AI-driven compliance monitoring solutions in the cloud, especially for financial institutions.

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Shield series B
Riding momentum from our initial funding round earlier this year, we’re announcing $20 million series B

As financial institutions address the evolving regulatory environment, Shield boosts growth with support from its existing investors and UBS

FINRA Targets Crypto-Related Communications (1)
The FTX effect? FINRA is now after crypto-related communications

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) just announced that it will begin conducting an investigation into retail communications by broker-dealers regarding products and services in the cryptocurrency markets. Some analysts are being bold enough to call this move by the regulatory authorities a “sweep.”

Shield Compliance
What is WhatsApp archiving & why it’s essential for private equity firms?

For many financial service firms, WhatsApp is a crucial communication tool in their business, archived WhatsApp communications are mandatory by the regulator in order to keep your company compliant. Here is how you can make sure to keep compliant.

Oliver Bradford
What I Learned at the A-Team RegTech Summit 2022

With the penalties for non-compliance becoming increasingly costly, banks are looking to strengthen their surveillance efforts.

Shield Compliance
Do You Trust Black Box Compliance?

The issue around Black Box compliance has recently gone mainstream. Can you trust your compliance needs to a “Black Box” solution offered by a vendor? Perhaps the answer depends on your appetite for risk.


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