Communications Supervision

Bring strategic coverage to the first line of defense

Shield Supervision solves:

Poor risk coverage

Different groups are more prone to different risks, which means one global policy for all, misses the mark for effective coverage. To get ahead of risk, you need a strategy that works for your business, putting the right communications in front of the right supervisors.

  • Custom group-based lexicon and sampling rules

Irrelevant reviews

No more reviewing obviously irrelevant or echoed digital communications. Introduce efficiency to reviews, analyzing the comms that actually matter.

  • AI cuts noise and highlights real risk

Siloed teams and data

Insights uncovered by other compliance teams get locked behind data silos. And too much siloed data makes risk impossible to identify. You need a solution that analyzes every communication, from every source, complete with every insight.

  • Integrate with every data point and 2nd line of defense
Automate complex configuration
  • Adapt fast, without time-consuming, error-prone manual work when HR structures or supervision hierarchies change
  • Automated group setup and maintenance
Respond fast to issues
  • Collaborate, respond, escalate, and track escalations.
  • Supports informal fact-finding and formal escalations
Shield for supervision teams

AI-driven monitoring brings critical insight to the first line of defense

Get ahead of risk with a tool built to bring effective supervisory risk coverage to the first line of defense. Focus on risk and gain critical insight into what employees are really saying, with AI-driven monitoring designed to support first-line supervisory review.

AI noise reduction eliminates irrelevant comms from your review
Integrate with Shield. Surveillance to collaborate with second-line defense
Build robust, strategic coverage schemas with customizable rules and random sampling
Simplify supervisory risk coverage

Unlock comprehensive oversight

Experience a streamlined approach to compliance oversight with Shield. Supervision. Automate manual processes, reduce errors, and ensure relevant communications reach the right supervisors. Gain valuable risk insights and focus on critical matters seamlessly.


Bring strategic coverage back to supervision

Go beyond defense with a proactive first line. Put the right conversations in front of the right reviewers with smarter automation and advanced AI capabilities