Digital management of electronic records & archiving

An agile, proactive data platform that untangles compliance

Shield Records management solves:

Ever-changing regulations & data

Keeping up with global regulations, types of data sources, and complex infrastructures is tough – unless your electronic records management is built to adapt.

  • Easily configure records management policies and adapt to data residency laws

Incomplete data

To enforce policies and build cases, you need to know you’re capturing every message, with nothing missed.

  • Data completeness reports and flexible data capture

Disorganized records management

With a system built for complex records management compliance, you can ensure the right data sets are stored the right way for the right amount of time

  • Easily configure retention policies and legal holds
Data evolved. Now records information management has to, too.
  • Data enrichment, normalization, and analytics pipelines organize data
  • Digital record management built to make sense of it all
Siloed data
  • Connect with any data source out of the box
  • Analyze the complete data set for risk across your entire organization.
Shield for records management

Modern archives and records management, built for modern data

Get ahead of risk with a single data platform built specifically for a new age of data. Every data type, at any volume, is covered. With electronic record keeping that gives you the risk insights you need to maintain financial compliance.

Flexible archiving solutions and “bring your own archive” options
Connect to any data source – no API development needed
Completeness assurance, data enrichment, and auto-reconciliation bring total data integrity

Untangle your comms data

Take back control of your data with a centralized, secure, flexible compliance archiving and records management platform