Electronic Communications Surveillance & Monitoring

Proactive surveillance means knowing what they’re really saying

Shield Surveillance solves:

An avalanche of data

With data accumulating at a record pace, false positives mean real risk gets buried in the noise – if it’s detected at all. Get proactive with the AI coverage strategy that doesn’t just reduce false positives, but actually brings the right conversations into the light and reveals key insights.

  • Focus on the comms that really matter with 90% relevancy rate

Invisible insights

Communications are where some of the biggest risks are hiding – and they’re the trickiest to analyze. To know what you don’t know, you need data integrity and analysis that fills in the blanks, pinpoints risk, and delivers key insights. Risk insights on every alert

  • Uncover hidden risk insights on every alert
  • Automated unstructured data enrichment, completeness & normalization

Black box solutions

AI can be a powerful tool, but a black box won’t do the trick; you need a solution that can demonstrate exactly which comms are covered and how decisions are made.

  • Adopt a Transparent multi-layered AI
Catch every risk, in every language
  • Native language surveillance for 11 languages
  • On-demand translation in 78 languages
Bring audio comms into the light
  • AI models put voice communications in context to uncover risk
Shield for surveillance teams

Cover every risk. Put every digital communication in context.

Shield. Surveillance is fine-tuned to help you focus on risk. With expanded, efficient coverage and AI that puts digital communications in context, your team is empowered to detect market manipulation, misconduct and more across all relevant channels.

Advanced AI and customizable lexicons offer unmatched accuracy and coverage.
Detect the context, semantics, sentiment, intent, relevancy and meaning of each data point.
Fully transparent, regulator-friendly AI models keep your business compliant.
See everything.

Read between the lines of every communication

Shield. Surveillance helps you see everything. All your comms data in every format. All in context. Shield’s multi-layered AI approach provides deep insight into behavior and intent, not just words. Obtain clear, actionable insights for each alert, streamlining your e-communications surveillance monitoring efforts.


Uncover invisible insights

Multilayered AI coverage that empowers you to read between the lines of your employee communications