E-Comms Compliance Archiving & Records Management

Untangle your comms data.

Take back control of your data with a centralized, secure, flexible compliance archiving and records management platform.

Archive anxiety

End-of-life enterprise information archiving platforms just can’t handle the data collection requirements of today’s regulators.

  • Adoption of new channels is impossible
  • Data is siloed
  • Storage cost are high
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Your data. 100% of it.

A mass of tangled data, smoothed into clean, clear, readable lines.

  • Streamlined data management
  • Flexible policies
  • Instant insights
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Complete data integrity

Automated reconciliation and normalization ensures your data is safe, complete, organized, and accessible for compliance inquiries – with full data completeness resports.

Your data, in your control

It’s your data – you shouldn’t have to wait five business days to access it, or pay to get it exported in the right format. You retain total ownership of your data. When you need it, it’s yours with no extra fees.

Any data format, integrated effortlessly

100+ integrations help you smooth mismatched, ill-fitting data sources into one cohesive whole out of the box and ready to go.

Understand your data

Advanced data visualization tools give you a high-level view of your data: how much of it you have, where it’s stored, which channel it comes from, and when you collected it.

Deploy anywhere, in weeks, not years

Adapt your compliance archiving to your infrastructure for fast deployment, easy integration, and complete flexibility. No lengthy data projects. Your archive of the future, delivered today.

See value faster

Best-in-class UI and intuitive controls make it easy for everyone on your team to use Shield. Data Hub from day one.

Use cases

Escape the dead-end archive.
From IT ops to the C-suite.

Compliance IT

Data management

Use cases

Escape the dead-end archive.
From IT ops to the C-suite.

Compliance IT

Data management

Data confidence

Data is private, secure, and complete – ready for you to extract insights and turn them into actions.

Clarity and control

Visualize your data. Set and update policies without breaking a sweat. Find data in a flash. And find the answers you need instantly.

Smarter spending

Lower TCO and more efficiency means better ROI.

Fast. Flexible. Fully integrated.

Deployable within weeks – not years – on any platform. Adaptable to any archive. Integrated with any data source – new or old – with no need for an extended data normalization project.

Data completeness means data confidence

Completeness reporting, automated reconciliation, and actionable alerting means no anxiety over missing data, and no fear of unnecessary fines.

Clarity and context

Make your data make sense with readable formatting. Get all data normalized, reconciled and enriched with data from HR systems, trade date, and more.

Fast response to regulator requests

At any moment, you’re ready for a regulatory inquiry. No more scrambling for lost data or struggling to pull together insights.

Untangle comms data now

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