eDiscovery Compliance

Accelerate comms collections with rapid self-service

Shield eDiscovery solves:

Scattered data

Searching multiple archives across complex datasets is no fun – and no way to assure completeness. You need a search capability that can handle every kind of digital data, in any format, from any source.

  • Centralized search of all records, in any format

Slow search results

It shouldn’t take hours to find the data you need. No matter how big your dataset is, you should be able to dive into it and unearth exactly what you need, fast- without the need for exports and extra analysis tools.

  • Lightning-fast search

Complex workflows

You need a platform with a silky-smooth UI, so you can build and manage complex queries, review results, and build cases effortlessly – all in one tool.

  • Simplified query creation, saving, and reuseability

Poor collaboration

Your collections team needs to move fast and share insights seamlessly. So you need a platform built for collaboration.

  • One platform for the entire collections process
Shield for eDiscovery

The one-stop platform for faster comms collections

Accelerate your complex eDiscovery and compliance process with effortless collaboration, rapid insights, and uncompromising data integrity. Experience self-service at its best.

Lightning-fast search cuts down waiting time to uncover insights
Complex query creation made easy; reusable queries improve efficiency
Normalize, centralize, and search all data, ensuring nothing is missed from analysis
How it works

Get ahead of risk

Shield’s Digital Communications Compliance platform empowers financial services organizations to capture and analyze communications data, providing actionable insights and guidance to ensure regulatory compliance and achieve business objectives.


Unlock efficiency. Discover the unseen

Streamline your eDiscovery process and gain critical insights through early case assessment, seamlessly handle collection, preservation, and review requests