Electronic Communications and Trade Data 

Financial Compliance Platform

Shield 2.0 - The Financial Compliance Data Management Platform

Enterprise-grade data management platform for electronic communication
and financial compliance

Shield FC is an enterprise-grade data management platform that automates eComms record-keeping and investigation compliance tasks. It streamlines event reconstruction and trading investigation processes by aggregating all standalone structured and unstructured eComms data sources under a single platform, including voice, messaging, email and order management systems, then storing consolidated orders and eComms data securely in a tamper-proof form.

The data engine normalises and structures data, and the correlation analytics engine connects every interaction to provide trade, order and business insight. Compliance teams can reconstruct, report and interact with trade communication timelines via an intuitive point and click user interface.

Shield FC transforms siloed eComms platforms into a single end-to-end solution, delivered via a rapid and flexible deployment model, on-premise, in the cloud or across both (hybrid), with pre-integrated API’s for simple multi-channel integration. Find out why you should choose Shield.

Make the Transformation from Siloed eComms to a Fully Automated Compliance Platform

The Shield FC Difference

Seamlessly connect any existing enterprise data source and archiving platform with pre-integrated API’s for simple multi-channel integration

Automate data aggregation from all standalone structured and unstructured eComms data sources across the entire enterprise

Tap into unique voice recording, the most complex data source and often the most critical, through to order management system data

Seal and shield all data records in a WORM archive in a secure, encrypted and replicated data vault with associated audit trail

Advanced multi-layer correlation analytics engine uses machine learning techniques to leverage data links and deliver a sequential view of trading events

Compliance Hub offers a highly intuitive and visual user interface with fast, comprehensive and interactive timeline reporting for compliance departments

Can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or across both to suit customer needs, with fast, easy and non-intrusive to implement with minimal impact on IT or the business

With over a decade delivering solutions in this domain, Shield FC unites eComms technology and big data expertise with in-depth operational compliance experience.