Manage voice and eComms data centrally

For GDPR compliance and strategic insight.

Omni-channel communication provides excellent customer experience and growth to your business. Communication is evolving constantly to support growth demands and to address collaboration and efficiency challenges. However, it makes control, compliance and governance more complicated to achieve. In most common architectures each communication channel acts like a standalone silo. Reconstructing the cross­ platform communication chain for service issues, understanding behavior or simply to check a customers’ inquiry, becomes a complicated task which requires synchronising all the different systems. In addition, new regulations (e.g., GDPR) are forcing enterprises to manage and understand what personal data exists; to control the access and usage; and (if needed) to forget a customer and delete all their personal data.


Tactically - Comply with GDPR

Strategically – Grow your business using your unstructured communication data

Shield Enterprise eComm Management platform is a centralised portal managing and controlling your voice and electronic communication data. You can set retention and access rules, retrieve a complete communication chain across various platforms and obtain a picture of your stored eComms data for privacy regulations. It provides access and control for GDPR driven data and users.