Communications Compliance Platform

Shield is a cross-regulation eComms compliance platform that utilizes AI, Natural Language Processing and Visualization capabilities to automate and orchestrate the complete communications compliance lifecycle, mitigate risk and make surveillance efficient and ROI driven

In more detail:

  • An advanced end to end eComms compliance platform that allows organizations of any size to mitigate risks, improve efficiency and escape the data silos.

  • Shield redefines the way enterprises manage and mitigate eComms compliance risks by automating and orchestrating the complete eComms compliance lifecycle. We understand that enterprises must monitor, control and asses the risks from their inbound or outbound eComms and respond to the compliance risks raised (financial crime, privacy, misconduct and more), and we’ve built a solution that solves those challenges.

Using our proprietary technology for multi-source plugin data acquisition, Shield’s pre-integrated connectors capture all relevant unstructured eComms data.


We then normalize the entire unstructured data set to allow our technology to index, reconcile and systematically prepare the data for review or analysis.

Using metadata, 3rd party systems (CRM, Active Directory, etc.) and combining it with structured data (orders, trades, etc.), Shield then processes the eComms data through a set of engines to enrich it.

HR data
Market data
Active Directory

We use our proprietary Financial Context Recognition (FCR) engine, based on Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing, to correlate between the eComms, trade, and market data. We do this by extracting financial entities from eComms to reconstruct the full flow, from the first communication all the way to an order/execution data.

Where is the magic?

Sprinkle all of that with AI capabilities that include NLP and Visualization, expert-driven rules and smart lexicons

Expert-driven rules
Correlation and enrichemnt engines
Voice and text analytics

Compliance teams now have visualized access to all the data needed to create and investigate a case in order to meet regulatory demands or conduct internal risk oversight.

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