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One thing which I really love about my job at Shield is that we’re developing a platform that is used by some of the largest financial services in the world. I really enjoy the fact that I’m working with friends, people that I personally like and respect professionally. My position allows me to practice a variety of new skills with other Shielders and lead a team of talented developers.

Eran Geiger, Team Leader

From day one at Shield, you feel like you're part of something different. No matter what position you're in, you create your own boundaries and as long as you apply creative and out of the box thinking I feel like the sky is the limit. I personally feel like this is my family, whether it's my peers, my team or my superiors. I have a small kid at home, and I love the fact that I can get the job done, and get to spend time with him as the employees' work-life balance at Shield is considered a high priority.

Avia Weinberger, Head of Quality Assurance & Scrum Master

My favorite Shield moment is this, writing a testimonial for our website! But all jokes aside, I come into work every day, ok most days, with a smile on my face. I think that says it all. Join us, we're looking for more cool people...

Iftach Drori, Head of Marketing
Eran Geiger
Avia Weinberger
Iftach Drori

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