MNPI Surveillance

Proactively protect sensitive data from
reaching the wrong hands.

Shield. InfoBarriers constantly monitors the integrity of your information walls. So you can proactively protect your organization from insider trading and material non-public information (MNPI) breaches, knowing of any infraction before it’s too late.

Flying blind to MNPI

Current manual processes for managing MNPI are labor intensive, time consuming, and don’t uncover where real wall crossing is happening until it’s too late.

  • Zero visibility on MNPI breaches
  • No way to demonstrate ethical wall integrity
  • Late violation discovery
Without Shield - Proactive Surveillance Illustration-min

Only the right eyes on every communication

Turn reactive protection of into proactive prevention by automatically monitoring every conversation with a powerful AI detection system.

  • Pinpoint the MNPI breach moment
  • Identify infractions early and take action
  • Fully monitored ethical walls
Proactive protection

Learn about intentional and accidental MNPI sharing early so you don’t have to find out about it months later on the evening news.

Scalable coverage

Seamlessly add InfoBarriers to your Shield coverage stack, leverage your existing data to uncover more hidden risk without a massive IT overhaul.

List integration

Draw data from HR and list management systems to determine who should have access to information – and who shouldn’t.

Smart monitoring

When your lists update, InfoBarriers automatically looks back at historical data to ensure complete compliance.

Automated detection

Constantly monitor your organization for signs of insider trading or improper sharing of MNPI. When something looks risky, InfoBarriers prepares your team to leap into action.

Regulatory compatibility

Add key insights to enhance your coverage for SEC Rule 105 and FERC regulations.

Use cases

Compliance under control

Compliance leaders

Control room specialists

Use cases

Compliance under control

Compliance leaders

Control room specialists

Increased coverage

Scale up surveillance without additional workload by ensuring comprehensive coverage against sensitive information leaks–intentional and accidental.

Regulatory compliance at scale

Ensure adherence to SEC Rule 105 and FERC regulations by monitoring data you already have.

Mitigate risk

Detect potential breaches and take immediate action to reduce risk and maintain compliance.

Monitor in real-time

Proactively monitor wall crossing to intervene the minute a violation occurs. Say goodbye to the days of wholly relying on managing deal lists and approving trades.

Crystal clarity

Comprehensive word lists and clear access controls make it easy to determine when, where, and how MNPI is shared.

Total oversight

No communication overlooked, no message miscategorized. Get insider trading software that gives data leaks nowhere to hide.

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Get critical insights into previously unmonitored conversations.

Gain visibility to MNPI breaches

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