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Shield introduces new capabilities to its Digital Communications Governance (DCG) platform to maximize operational efficiency 

The more efficient you are, the quicker you can mitigate compliance risks.

Shield is thrilled to announce the release of the latest version of its AI Digital Communications Governance (DCG) platform. The recent upgrades are meticulously designed to boost operational efficiency and amplify impact, ensuring compliance risk mitigation is faster and more intuitive.

Shield’s newest version harnesses the full potential of its industry-leading platform, renowned for being the only end-to-end, enterprise-grade, solution for communications compliance. This comprehensive integration fosters a single source of truth for all compliance team stakeholders, increasing trust and reliability. As data volumes continue to escalate, Shield remains committed to delivering operational efficiencies, reliability, simplicity, and extensive coverage in future updates. 

The latest version of the DCG platform introduces several key features, each crafted to enhance operational efficiency within communications compliance significantly. 

The newly released enriched case management and search capabilities revolutionize how large organizations’ compliance teams handle case files. The bulk import of eComms streamlines the process, dramatically enhancing efficiency and supporting unparalleled scale for enterprise-grade operations.  

Advanced filtering options empower users to swiftly locate the most relevant information and the improved alert and reporting features bring tailored responses and quicker identification of high-risk communications. Customizable alert workflows based on behaviors ensure responses are tuned to specific needs.

A standout feature in this version includes alert indications within search results, facilitating faster identification of potential compliance issues. This unique value proposition highlights our fully native suite and integrative data flows between Surveillance and eDiscovery.

Moreover, Shield’s award-winning platform’s enhanced data management capabilities are designed to ensure no stone is left unturned. Automated features now guarantee cleaner identity management data, including historical profiles and partial data, without the risk of overwritten data. This meticulous approach ensures comprehensive risk coverage with minimal manual intervention. 

In addition, Shield’s leading platform now includes enhanced search analytics and reporting capabilities. These features provide deeper insights and regular updates, enabling teams to stay ahead of compliance issues and maintain a proactive stance. 

“With this new version, we’re not just enhancing our platform; we are redefining what it means to achieve operational efficiency in large organizations’ compliance management. Our latest features are designed to provide unparalleled integration and customization, ensuring our top-tier clients can trust their compliance processes entirely,” said Tamar Sharir, Chief Product Officer at Shield. 


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