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Shield appoints Tim Estes as special advisor to the CEO and Board of Shield

Shield is proud to announce the addition of Tim Estes, founder, fmr. Chairman and CEO of Digital Reasoning and current Chairman and CEO of Angel AI, as a special advisor to the CEO of Shield. This partnership is set to further elevate Shield’s AI-driven compliance and risk management solutions, reinforcing its position as an industry leader.

Tim Estes brings a wealth of expertise from his pioneering work in applying AI and machine learning at the industry-leading Digital Reasoning, particularly within the financial services sector. His innovative approach was instrumental in transforming how organizations manage and interpret vast amounts of data, and that legacy continues with this new partnership. At Shield, Estes will provide strategic guidance, ensuring the company becomes the most trusted AI partner to the financial services industry in the area of surveillance and compliance.

“Shield stands out because of their comprehensive capabilities and deep commitment to partner with tier 1 financial services institutions to deliver compelling solutions for their highest needs. We are at a moment of transition in the compliance and surveillance industries, where the journey to apply AI to create dramatic efficiencies and expansion of risk coverage is ever present.

“It is important that the industry have a partner like Shield that can be trusted to unlock this potential and meet the promise of this new wave of technology. Reviewing the industry, I found an unmistakable signature of excellence and follow through by Shield coupled with the ability to really deliver innovation. I’m excited to continue to contribute to this journey in an industry I’ve been passionate about for decades and see the promise of machine learning and AI be realized,” said Estes.

“We are thrilled to have Tim join Shield as a special advisor. His unparalleled expertise and experience in innovative compliance AI is invaluable as we continue to innovate and enhance our platform’s capabilities. Together, we are poised to set new standards in compliance and risk management,” said Shiran Weitzman, co-founder and CEO, Shield. 


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