Yoseph Elkaim

Guest contributor

Yoseph Elkaim ACAMS is an internationally recognized compliance authority, web show host, author, and keynote speaker in the areas of National Security, Corporate Corruption, Financial Crimes, Sanctions, Money Laundering, CyberSecurity, and Business Risk. He is the former Chief Of Intelligence for the Central Intelligence Agency’s Global Counter Threat Finance and Economic Crimes task force having deployed six times to active theaters of operation. As the co-founder of OmniLabs Advisory Group, an American worldwide management consulting firm, both he and his team publish articles, and books while both lecturing extensively and conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis in the areas of Business Operations, Regulatory Governance, Artificial Intelligence, Crypto-Currency, Emerging Technologies, and Vulnerability Risk Assessments across both public and private sectors. Through on-air media contributions, publication of articles, speaking engagements, seminars, webinars, workshops, and podcast appearances, OmniLabs clientele includes 70% of the world's largest corporations and an extensive list of governments and non-profit organizations.

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