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Redefining Compliance: Advanced features of Digital Communications Governance solutions

As the landscape of digital communications compliance continues to evolve, Gartner® has recognized the escalating intricacy of communication tools in its latest report, the “Market Guide for Digital Communications Governance (DCG)”. Having retired the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving in 2022, this latest report illuminates the importance of this area with the new DCG category and offers insights into essential practices and strategies to adopt to get ahead of risk.

The proliferation of communication platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and WhatsApp has introduced complexities and data volumes like never before. Organizations need to enforce both corporate governance and regulatory compliance policies. Platforms designed for email and repurposed for complex messaging apps flatten data, lose context, and simply can’t keep up with monitoring.

These limitations expose legacy archives built for WORM storage of email records that cannot scale for the size, complexity, speed, accessibility, and insights that have grown to become table stakes.  

The question has shifted from simply storing your data to unlocking its potential insights. As highlighted in this report, adopting the right DCG platform helps build context and improve the user experience of data, enabling organizations to achieve comprehensive coverage and insights for surveillance with AI and ML. Additionally, it introduces flexible data management, powers fast and complex eDiscovery processes, and increases visibility into risk for business areas left unserved until today.

Empowering compliance: Shield’s Digital Communications Governance platform powers insights  

Insights do not come from a vacuum. Data has a story to tell, it only needs a platform to give it a voice. That’s why the Gartner report exposes the need to not only connect every communications data source but also the value in enriching it with structured data sources like identification sources in HR and CRM systems or trade data. 

Normalization, effective indexing, and classification are all key capabilities noted in the report as requirements that bring that context to life for active records management, efficient search, and data analytics – and to do it all in real-time. Data integrity in high fidelity with completeness auditing and reconciliation are also highlighted as critical elements to not just get the story but to get it right and do it all without missing a single record. 

Shield was built from the ground up with every capability you need to know with confidence that every single conversation is fully analyzed, accounting for context and uncovering invisible insights. So whether you’re running complex searches, monitoring market abuse, detecting illegal information sharing, or just trying to understand what’s being said on an otherwise poor-quality voice call, you know you’re never missing a step. 

AI-powered surveillance unlocks deeper insights

The report also highlights a division among clients between traditional lexicon-based supervision and advanced AI-driven surveillance. The DCG best-in-breed recommendation emphasizes the importance of proactive surveillance solutions, blending AI with lexicons, a realm in which Shield excels, to provide maximum coverage and efficiency without sacrificing model governance and risk ownership. 

Shield’s innovative approach combines vast experience in global financial compliance with data scientists bringing the most proven advancements in AI and ML technologies for smarter coverage that’s adaptable to your firm’s priorities and experience. Built on the most advanced data platform on the market, we put compliance teams in a position to proactively address challenges through robust and intelligent surveillance capabilities, offering comprehensive solutions for detecting misconduct and analyzing potential risks. 

“By 2027, 65% of enterprise customers will combine supervision of text- and audio/video-based content to monitor communication governance, up from less than 15% in 2023”.


Other key features of advanced DCG solutions

Advanced DCG solutions demand sophisticated features to enhance regulatory compliance and surveillance efficiency. These encompass seamless organization of search functionalities, comprehensive auditing of communications, and automation of monitoring processes. Moreover, integrating advanced data models with AI and ML facilitates deeper analysis, empowering comprehensive assessments of behavior and sentiment. This integrated approach not only streamlines compliance efforts but also provides invaluable insights for mitigating risks and identifying emerging trends in data management and governance.

Redefining excellence in Digital Communications Governance 

The emergence of this new category urges firms to seek solutions capable of effectively managing the scale of growing data challenges while adopting a proactive stance toward risk mitigation. Shield’s expertise and unwavering dedication to addressing modern communication governance needs position it as a trailblazer in this newly recognized approach. Gartner’s acknowledgment of Shield’s leading role in reshaping compliance standards substantiates its pioneering position. Recognized for its nuanced approach, the Shield platform is hailed as a pioneering force in the DCG landscape, committed to delivering sustained excellence to regulated industries.


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