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The Great Migration: Do’s and Don’ts of large data migrations

On Demand Webinar

Whether migrating from on-premise solutions to the cloud or end-of-life solutions, the great migration can be very scary. And with good reason! There’s lots of data and lots of risk.

Unique circumstances require specific customizations from vendors. But what are the do’s and don’ts in every migration? Our experts have seen it all and they’re here to help your team preserve what works and move through a painless migration.

Watch now to explore:  

  • Understanding the need for migrating from legacy systems to modern cloud-based platforms.

  • Practical strategies for planning and executing a successful data migration process, including key stages and considerations.

  • Insights into popular cloud storage options and best practices for ensuring a legally defensible migration.

  • Tips for maintaining metadata consistency, integrating diverse digital communication types, and ensuring platform compatibility with modern channels.

  • And much more…