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Shield announces full surveillance for Microsoft Teams

Shield raises $15m

We are proud to announce the launch of our integration with Microsoft Teams. The Shield platform is one of the first compliance platforms to provide full surveillance as well as record and search of Microsoft Teams interactions, providing the ability to extract, review and analyze specific conversations to assist with any investigation process.

Ofir Shabtai, Co-Founder & CTO at Shield stated, “We are seeing an increasing demand by many Regulated firms that are switching to Microsoft Teams as a key part of their journey towards Office 365 and other cloud services and as a major communication channel. It is essential that our platform oversees all the potential eComms types used by financial firms, so the new integration ensures compliance teams have yet another source that provides full visibility and flexibility across the ever-broadening selection of eComms.”

The new integration perfectly caters for the growing number of businesses looking to migrate from the traditional on-site deployment of Skype for Business, embracing the benefits of Cloud-based solutions and the additional collaboration capabilities that Microsoft Teams provides. The new Microsoft Teams integration features three main areas:

  1. Out of the Box, hassle-free, integration with Microsoft Teams.
  2. An ability to build and update detection scenario models to include all Microsoft Teams eComms types and detect misconduct behavior.
  3. Alert and investigation review of Microsoft Teams content, including:
  • Review in native format (as seen by Microsoft Teams users)
  • Support attachments including file versioning
  • Support the editing of messages in the chat
  • Support of deleted messages in the chat.
  • Viewing and searching within attachments and file shares including all kind of archive files (zip etc.)

Ofir continued, “Our Microsoft Teams integration provides firms with peace of mind that this communication channel is fully monitored. As we recently witnessed, several of the leading financial firms have been fined for different misconducts (including rigging the spot foreign exchange market) that have been fully created via chat rooms, such as Microsoft Teams. Creating comprehensive and advanced Surveillance and investigations measure on these platforms are key elements for any firm’s compliance readiness and coverage.”


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