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New Version of the Shield Compliance Platform Ensures Enhanced Protection and Greater Transparency

Today we’ve announced a new and enhanced version of our powerful end-to-end communications compliance platform. The new version provides powerful enhancements including additional Alert Transparency information, additional management options, and a new Segregation of Duty layer.

The new features are designed to deliver greater flexibility, control, and visibility of alerts to compliance teams, as Nicole Aviv, Head of Product at Shield commented, “We have introduced a raft of new and enhanced features which provide real-world benefits to firms. Greater transparency of data enables the compliance officer to make an informed choice and better understand what needs further attention.”

On the same theme of providing more power to the compliance officer, the additional model management and Alert Scoring options enable users to customize and have further autonomy on their use of the Shield platform, fine-tuning the configuration to ensure it fits the specific needs of business operations, internal policies, and the requirements/practices of applicable regulators.

Nicole added, “Our new Segregation of Duty layer enables the firm to better control access to sensitive data. This works across a variety of different criteria, depending upon data privacy restrictions and specific requirements of the business.”

Featuring improved transcript capabilities and support for additional third-party sources, the latest upgrade ensures the Shield platform always has access to the most appropriate data and generates the most accurate results.

Enhancements to the new version also ensure that the Shield platform always performs its own checks, rather than relying on the data source to give this reassurance, whilst providing a full view of every step of the ingestion process. The enhancements to the Shield platform are rounded off with an updated language filter, based upon feedback from Shield’s customers.

The new version of the Shield platform is just the latest stage in its continued evolution, as Nicole concluded, “As financial sector working practices and regulations continue to evolve in the new normal, our platform must continue to reliably anticipate and alert on ongoing and potential threats and issues. The new version’s refinements and additions are designed to ensure our clients have all the tools necessary to ensure their business remains compliant, and customers remain fully protected.”


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