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Navigating the Commodity Trading Compliance Landscape: The AI Evolution

On Demand Webinar

Managing compliance in an industry that has been plagued with market manipulation but slow to adopting technology, commodity trading compliance teams face unique challenges. In the past year every headline and topic of conversation started with AI-this or LLM-that. But for commodity trading compliance, what can AI help legacy systems solve?  

With industry experts from Deloitte, Shield, and ETR Advisory, our speakers unraveled the regulatory landscape, explored common challenges, discussed the intersection of AI and compliance, and offered practical insights and real-world examples.

Watch the webinar to explore:  

  • Potential wins (and pitfalls) of using artificial intelligence  
  • What the regulators think 
  • How teams are implementing AI today 
  • Practical use cases for 2024 and beyond 
  • And much more…