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Insiders In-Focus

Practical answers to compiance challanges

Welcome to the Insiders In-focus webinar series. In each episode, experts read between the lines of the most pressing issues in financial communications compliance to give you practical answers and insights to stop playing defense with risk and start playing offense. And the best part – each episode is under 20 minutes. Because who really has time for an hour of talking heads?

Leveraging AI for Compliance Risk: Insights from Industry Experts

In this Insiders in-focus webinar we delve into the world of AI in financial compliance. Discover the latest trends, perspectives, and strategies shared by industry leaders Oliver Bradford and Shomit Labin. Explore how AI adoption is reshaping the compliance landscape, improving efficiency, and driving meaningful value at scale. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain expert insights and stay ahead in the evolving world of AI and compliance.

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