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Shield Named USA’s Best E-Comms Surveillance Solution

Shield raises $15m

We’re absolutely delighted to announce Shield has been selected to the RegTech Insight Awards USA list for 2022, recognizing established solution providers and innovators, for the Best e-Comms Surveillance Solution category. The RegTech Insight Awards honors companies that improve the ability of firms in the financial services industry to effectively respond to evolving and complex regulatory requirements.

Shield, through its Proactive Surveillance capabilities, helps financial firms navigate and address an array of regulatory measures including market abuse, employee misconduct, privacy breaches, and social media monitoring, out-of-the-box behavioral detection modules, AI-infused eDiscovery capabilities, and advanced correlating analytics capabilities.

“We’re honored to be recognized by such a prestigious organization like the RegTech Insight Awards, alongside some of the world’s leading innovative fintech companies,” said Iftach Drori, Head of Marketing and Investor Relations at Shield. “This selection further validates our advanced end-to-end communications platform’s impact on financial firms, and our ability to foster the needs for more visualized quicker and easier compliance.”

In this new, work-from-anywhere environment, the usages of communication channels continue to grow. This uptick opens the door for unmonitored conversation and a major gap in regulating communication. Shield’s nano-algorithmic approach is eliminating the unknown by redefining how firms mitigate risks, improve operational efficiency, reduce compliance costs and detect the undetectable.

Made up of executives and leaders within the financial industry, the RegTech Insight Award advisory board recognized Shield as one of the best solutions, providing regulatory compliance tools for voice and mobile message channels.

“We are delighted that our RegTech Insight community of over 35,000 senior regtech specialists has voted Shield as the Best e-Comms Surveillance Solution in this highly competitive field. Shield has proven themselves to be deserving winners and we congratulate them on their success,” said Angela Wilbraham, CEO of A-Team Group, which hosts the prestigious RegTech Insight Awards USA.



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