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Shield Introduces Hybrid Cloud Solution For Financial Institutions

Shield raises $15m

Tel-Aviv, Israel and New York, NY – 15 December 2022

Shield, the world’s leading communication compliance platform, today launched new hybrid cloud infrastructure technology that provides financial institutions with flexible, scalable data solutions that make digital communication compliance efficient and adaptable within their existing data strategy. 

Traditional solutions force firms to migrate data from their current residence on-premises or in private clouds to vendors’ cloud solutions regardless of the firm’s data strategy. Now, howeverShield’s top tier banking customers are able to maintain their existing infrastructure and still benefit from Shield’s modern flow of data with faster speeds, richer data, AI generated risk insights, and award-winning user experience.

Due to security and control concerns, traditionally, banks and other financial institutions rely on on-premises data archives, despite the massive amounts of new data that flows into organizations, especially through electronic communication channels relied upon today. Known for providing efficient electronic communication surveillance, Shield, which recently announced its Series B financing round that included Swiss bank UBS, has successfully deployed its flexible, scalable solution to improve the speed of access to human-readable data without sacrificing the security concerns of on-prem, legacy technology. 

“Already, we’ve shown the ability to work with the world’s most premier financial institutions, and on day one, introduce more efficient and adaptable data flows” said Ofir Shabtai, Co-Founder and CTO at Shield. “Through our flexible technology, we’re able to ingest data on its way to the bank’s on-prem storage without disruption. The data is then enriched, and stored in a cloud solution maintained through the bank’s security and control policies, without affecting, or even leveraging, the institution’s existing data strategy. From there, all the data is indexed so the bank can access its data via search queries nearly instantly in human-readable format without spending a penny on export costs.” 

Fresh off being named a finalist for the prestigious Cloud Awards, Shield’s flexible and scalable cloud solutions are helping financial institutions of all sizes to scale in maintaining compliance over the electronic communication channels that are crucial to business continuity and collaboration today. 


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