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Digital Communications Compliance Platform Shield Expands Suite of Proactive Risk Monitoring Solutions

Shield raises $15m

Shield, solving communication compliance for financial institutions, announced today the release of Shield. Supervision, as part of Shield. Proactive, a suite of AI-powered, risk monitoring solutions. Regulated financial services are struggling to keep up with ever-growing communication monitoring requirements while also catering to the risk management needs and policies of different teams within their organization. By utilizing the power of Shield’s end-to-end compliance platform, organizations can build a more comprehensive monitoring program with tools to:

  • Expand risk monitoring coverage at scale
  • Efficiently manage supervision workloads, escalations and reporting 
  • Gain actionable insights into unseen risk for stakeholders across the organization

“While most supervisory programs for communications monitoring are non-strategic and inefficient, Shield. Supervision offers an effective, risk-focused layer of coverage,” said Shield Co-founder and CEO Shiran Weitzman. “One of the biggest challenges in the first line of defense is wasting valuable supervisory resources on irrelevant communications. Through Shield’s advanced AI, automation, and unique multi-layered approach, organizations can get ahead of risk, drastically reduce their manual workload, and uncover hidden risk according to their priorities.” 

Shield. Proactive is comprised of three solutions:

Shield. Supervision

  • Comprehensive workflows and escalations for supervisory review to get ahead of risk for first line of defense groups adhering to FINRA regulations.
  • Achieve strategic coverage with granular group-based review policies allowing teams to focus on the risk most important to them. 
  • Advanced, industry-leading AI noise-reduction filters, bringing increased focus on risk so supervisors only review the most relevant communications.
  • Automated team setup and maintenance enabling firms to eliminate coverage gaps created by the manual management of complex and ever-changing supervisory hierarchies.

Shield. Surveillance

  • Adhering to regulations, second line of defense teams can deploy over 100 AI-powered, out-of-the-box risk scenarios in addition to their own models, lexicons, and detection rules.
  • Enables firms to choose the right coverage strategy for them by deploying a combination of risk identification capabilities within a multi-layered coverage approach.
  • Allows compliance teams to make better decisions, delivering risk insights on every alert.
  • Effective voice surveillance and language support to better understand conversations that were largely incoherent. 

Shield. InfoBarriers

  • Gives control room teams real-time visibility into restricted information passing into the wrong hands. 
  • Identify and remediate potential violations sooner than traditional manual processes through automatically detecting wall crossing between employees.


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