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Shield Reinforces its Position as an industry leader by Elevating Enterprise-Grade Scalability for Tier 1 Global Financial Institutions

Today, Shield, the leading platform for digital communications governance (DCG), announces additional enhancements to its data platform which increase scalability, robustness, and performance. These enrichments will further assist global financial institutions to connect the dots and read between the lines of their employees’ digital communications, across geographies, modalities, and data types.

According to Gartner’s 2023 Digital Communications Governance report, “The expanding quantity of digital communications channels, driven by both employee and customer demands to use the latest messaging tools, makes it challenging for organizations to implement a comprehensive digital communications governance strategy.” Large-scale, enterprise-grade solutions like Shield, help IT and compliance teams adeptly navigate this complexity while achieving their regulatory compliance goals as well as their efficiency and TCO ones.

With many of Shield’s tier-1 customers capturing and ingesting over 40 million records per day, amounting to up to 10 terabytes, legacy and SMB-oriented systems are not built to handle this amount and complexity of business data. Shield’s latest enhancements underscore a commitment to provide cutting-edge solutions for data management and digital communications governance. Currently, Shield’s platform handles data at a scale exceeding 30 petabytes, a testament to its enhanced scalability and robustness.

Tamar Sharir, CPO of Shield, said, “Our focus extends beyond just handling vast amounts of data. We’re dedicated to empowering organizations to effectively search, discover, and act upon their digital communications, even when dealing with millions of ecomms.
Our investment in a robust digital data platform is a strategic move to ensure that firms can manage and derive meaningful insights from their data, no matter the scale and complexity.”

This, in addition to flexible deployment methods, advanced agile architecture and a truly open platform, are key elements that top-tier firms are looking to get from technology providers. Shield is proud to lead the way. Built with microservices, Shield’s architecture is designed for horizontal scaling of all software components. Automatic scaling capabilities can even increase while reducing resources, based on the load. With these abilities, teams can make sure data import, query, and surveillance alert goals are fully met and still reduce cost during off hours.

With these groundbreaking enhancements, Shields reaffirms its commitment to innovation, security, and meeting the evolving needs of the largest and most demanding financial organizations. The company remains dedicated to providing enterprise solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of today’s—and tomorrow’s—dynamic business landscape.


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