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Shield Bolsters Language Capabilities with On-Demand Translation in Over 80 Languages

Tel Aviv, Israel and New York, New York – March 8, 2023

Shield, the world’s leading communication compliance platform, is pleased to announce the expansion of its multi-language support for global financial institutions, providing unparalleled review, detection, and voice transcription of electronic communication. With the latest AI-driven language capabilities, Shield empowers compliance, eDiscovery and Surveillance teams to read between the lines of their employee communications, conduct surveillance and gain insights from employee conversations in over 80 languages, including dialects, jargon, and context.

As part of Shield’s mission and their position as a technology trailblazer, its new on-demand translation capabilities, combined with impressive surveillance capabilities across all main business-driving languages, allow financial services to read between the lines of employee conversations occurring around the world. Shield’s customers can confidently manage compliance across the globe through automated language detection in conversations.

Compliance and eDiscovery teams can analyze electronic communication records in any language by accurately translating content on demand within their platform. Shield’s latest enhancements provide custom workflows that route content, including certain languages, to the right team, saving valuable time and resources. With fully localized out-of-the-box models ten languages and growing, surveillance teams can detect risk in conversations across the business.

As a flexible cloud solution, Shield can be deployed quickly to any region, which is crucial to global financial institutions as regulators across the globe require banking data to be stored in data centers within the country they’re operating in.

“In today’s global business environment, where data is constantly flowing across borders, it is essential for financial services to effectively manage compliance risks across languages,” said Eran Noam, CBO at Shield. “With Shield’s latest enhancements, compliance teams can confidently review, collect, and analyze electronic communication channels across global teams communicating in a variety of languages. This ensures they can gain valuable insights and conduct surveillance while mitigating risks without delays and disruptions.”

Shield is committed to providing a modern, agile, cloud-first solution that enables highly regulated industries to see more, know more, and solve more. Its multi-layered artificial intelligence and machine learning models mirror human behavior, generating proactive and relevant alerts that add critical context to every decision, in any language. Shield eliminates data silos, letting organizations customize workflows, policies, and procedures for greater control.


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