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Lanching a full integration of our communications compliance platform with the Zoom collaboration platform

We are pleased to announce the integration of our complete communications compliance and surveillance platform with popular audiovisual collaboration platform Zoom. In response to market demand, Shield has developed this integration, extending its powerful capture, surveillance and investigation tools across video, audio, chat and shared data files between parties communicating on Zoom.

Dror Bareket, R&D Director at Shield commented, “Already popular before the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom has become indispensable for many firms during lockdown restrictions and into the new normal. Whilst it is an excellent communications tool, compliance regulations still need to be upheld across all channels. We have extended the reach of our platform to include all the elements of capture, correlation, data enrichment, analytics, proactive and preventive detection across applicable Zoom interactions.”

Whilst many monitored/regulated users were previously denied the use of tools such as Zoom for fear of potential compliance breaches, the new normal has forced firms to evolve their stance. With no physical Compliance officer in the remote working environment, firms must ensure all eComms follow regulations.

The Shield platform collects and securely stores all the applicable Zoom eComms data (including voice, video, shared files and metadata), enriches and structures the data, then analyses it using powerful AI (machine learning and Natural Language Processing – NLP) then connects it with structured data to find any relevant discussions or other communications centered on the financial marketplace (mentions of company names, stock prices, etc.)

Vitally, the Shield platform also provides its usual surveillance and eDiscovery tools to search the Zoom meetings data for specific content (words, phrases and complex combinations of language). Compliance officers can search this analyzed data for specific terms or phrases, grouping investigations and all relevant data from other channels (correlated with phone calls, emails, chats, etc.) as a package for specific investigations – be they internal, a request by the firm’s Legal team or in response to a regulator’s request for information.

On top of that, the Shield platform proactively alerts the Compliance/Surveillance team of any flagged content within Zoom sessions, utilizing its unique behavioral detection models for Market Abuse, Employee Conduct and Information Handling (such as insider information and the sharing of sensitive information without permission, etc).

Dror adds, “With our Zoom integration we have automated the Compliance officer’s watchful eye over the platform, but arguably now with even greater coverage and reliability. Within a physical oversight, a trader can potentially communicate in secret without being spotted, however, Shield automatically monitors, records and checks all relevant Zoom communications for greater peace of mind. With these eComms looking to become a permanent fixture for many financial firms, this is vital for Compliance moving forwards.”

Shield’s Zoom integration is available now and can be rapidly deployed and commissioned through the existing platform, with full flexibility and bespoke setup to ensure it meets all the legal and commercial needs of the business. It joins Shield’s existing integration with Microsoft Teams, ensuring coverage of the leading online collaboration tools for the new normal.

To enable the Zoom integration, or for more details on Shield and its solutions schedule a demo here: https://www.shieldfc.com/schedule-a-demo/ 


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