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2023 State of Mobile Communication Compliance


2023 State of Mobile Communication Compliance – Full Survey Results

We teamed up with LeapXpert to explore what compliance officers are really doing about mobile communications. We surveyed more than 200 senior compliance professionals, to understand their biggest worries and future strategies for the forthcoming year and beyond. We learned a lot and now you can too!

  • A staggering 73% of financial institutions conveyed a lack of faith in the efficacy of prohibitions on employees’ utilization of off-channel communications.
  • Nearly every respondent intends to keep tabs on WhatsApp before the year’s end.
  • Their primary concern revolves around their readiness for regulatory audits, constituting 64% of the respondents, while potential fines contribute to 34% of their anxieties.

And these findings are merely scratching the surface.

To learn more about the survey insights, download the report.