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Shield Named to Illustrious AIFintech 100

Shield raises $15m

We’re delighted to announce we’ve been named to the AIFintech 100, a prestigious award honoring the world’s most innovative AI-solution providers for financial services. With Shield’s proven ability to identify risks across communication channels, including insider trading, spoofing, front-running, and even sexual harassment and racism, the AIFintech 100 honor is only the latest for Shield and our end-to-end communications compliance platform.

As banks and financial institutions develop their digital transformation strategies and navigate added compliance challenges in this new, work-from-anywhere environment, the AIFintech 100 honored Shield for our ability to bring compliance teams true transparency through detailed alerts and triggers that are powered by its award-winning AI. With Shield, organizations receive unmatched analysis and understanding of compliance triggers across all communication channels, including email and encrypted messaging services like WhatsApp.

“Being named to such a distinguished list like the AIFintech 100 is further proof that our comprehensive workplace intelligence platform is providing real value to financial institutions looking to turn compliance into a competitive advantage while also keeping the trust of both customers and regulators,” said Iftach Drori, Head of Marketing and Investor Relations at Shield. “More and more, regulators across the world are trying to understand the “black-box” challenge that AI presents, and Shield, validated by awards like the AIFintech 100, is addressing those concerns through our detailed, transparent monitoring platform.”

The new, hybrid work environment has led to a rise in market manipulations while also driving financial professionals and their customers to rely on alternative communication channels, like WhatsApp. These trends have led to new and heightened compliance concerns that Shield is well-positioned to address through its award-winning AI technology stack.


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