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Business Intelligence Is Having a Heyday

Everyone is thinking about how they can use it for their companies. And regulatory authorities are thinking about how they can impose BI on the companies they regulate so that all the answers make themselves available. Ideally without the authorities having to flip the bill for the effort.

There are several ways to leverage BI as a financial firm.

  • Take a look at call volumes compared to call channels. How many calls have been dropped pre- versus post-pandemic? This will offer insights into how many calls are happening on unapproved pathways (e.g. personal phones and unregulated e-Comms channels)
  • Dip into the demographics of your customer pool. Are some brokers and financial advisors skewing their efforts to senior citizens? Arguably this group is the most vulnerable to financial predators.
  • Trading data and communication are both areas ripe for BI. Whenever there is a dispute, compare the trade data and what was said when the transaction was booked. Look for anomalies between the E-Comms and trade details.

BI is a magical tool. Using it properly can provide your organization with all kinds of insights. The next decision you’ll need to make is what to do with those insights once you collect them…


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