Technology partnership targets customers in the highly regulated German financial market

Today we are proud to announce our strategic partnership with German market expert niiio Finance Group AG. The partnership offers customers Shield FC’s AI-powered compliance platform as a compelling addition to niiio’s partner and marketplace service portfolio.

Eran Noam, VP Global Sales & Business Development commented, “We are delighted to partner with niiio. Germany is one of our core growth markets for the coming years, and niiio’s marketplace strategy is the ideal addition to our expansion plans across the country.”

The Shield FC solution is unique in its ability to capture, archive and investigate interactions across all electronic communications (eComms) channels from a single platform. It is the ideal platform from which financial institutions can satisfy Germany’s federal financial supervisory authority – BaFin, that they comply with the regulations imposed upon them, including MiFID II, MiFIR, GDPR, and Dodd FRANK.

Eran added, “The German financial market is heavily regulated, which makes it perfect to fully utilize the Shield FC cross-regulation platform’s ability to employ powerful machine learning capabilities. These drive down false positives and improve the compliance investigation process, saving resources and ensuring full peace of mind that all regulations are being met.”

Johann Horch, CEO of niiio finance group AG commented, “With its fully-integrated financial and communications data management solution, Shield FC ideally complements our ecosystem partner and marketplace service portfolio. The regulators are increasingly demanding that financial institutions and intermediaries record, secure and archive all customer interactions. Shield FC provides unrivaled expertise in achieving this goal and offering customers the full assurance they are and continue to be fully compliant.”

Kris Grgurevic, Chief Growth Officer of niiio finance group AG also commented, “The symbiosis of Shield FC’s compliance-as-a-service solution and our financial services marketplace is already promising a high-growth triple-win situation – for Shield FC, for us, and for our marketplace customers”

Along with specific German market regulations, the Shield FC platform ensures Compliance Officers can effectively manage and comply with a raft of international regulations whilst providing full customer assurance that their data is being handled appropriately.