Mikkel Moller

Guest contributer

Mikkel is a Director of Sales & Customer Engagement at TM-Group.

Mikkel leads our Sales & Customer Engagement and brings extensive international experience within B2B sales in the IT sector. He has a wide range of experience from IT operations, project management and sales over the last +20 years. At TM-Group he is an energetic team player who wants to bring TM-Group and Customers to a closer partnership, supporting companies with the leading technology within regulation, helping them stay ahead of the compliance game.

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Four Danish securities brokers cited for non-compliance

For one year, November 2018 – November 2019, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) conducted an inspection of market surveillance systems employed by four securities dealers. All four were assessed on how effectively they introduced and maintained systems as well as procedures regarding the monitoring, detection, and reporting of suspected market abuse.