Freddie Frith

Freddie Frith

Guest contributor

Freddie is the UK’s Business Development Manager at ClauseMatch, he joined in May 2018 to help further accelerate the growth of the company. As a RegTech Top 100 Influencer with passion for technology and sales, Freddie stays on the RegTech pulse sharing his insights on the latest technology to impact financial institutions.

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Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence: Competitive Advantage for Financial Institutions The Regulatory Landscape

The rise of financial technology has drawn the attention of regulators to FinTech firms and how they function. FinTech companies like any other regulated institutions are required to comply with a growing set of regulatory rules. One of the latest examples is the FCA’s roll-out of Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) for e-commerce transactions. This will mean that card issuers, payments firms, and online retailers will have to follow more stringent authentication steps for European online payments over €30.


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