The only AI Digital Communications Governance platform

See more. Know more. Solve more.

The only AI Digital Communications Governance platform

See more. Know more. Solve more.



“A true partnership has been formed. From day one, we felt satisfied with the way Shield handled the implementation and the people that led it.”

Tier 1 Financial Group



“Shield’s constant product enhancements create a real impact and added-value on our day-to-day activities. As they keep creating such impactful features, they help our surveillance teams work more easily and more efficiently.”

Head of Surveillance, Large French Bank



“Shield became a vital part of our business process; we like to compare it to an electric connection provider to a home.”

Head of Surveillance, US Energy Trading Company

Made for financial services compliance teams.

Collaborate. Communicate.

Get a clear view of all your communications and take back ownership of your data.

Deploy fast.
With confidence.

Deploying at a tier 1 bank in 3 weeks? Thanks to our out-of-the-box connectors and models, security by design and full encryption, you can.

Focus on what matters with multilayered AI

An unparalleled AI, designed for compliance helps you dramatically reduce your alert rate. By filtering irrelevant alerts, you can focus on the ones that matter, making sure you’re not still analyzing August data on a Wednesday in October.

What happens when you read between the lines?

eComms Surveillance
Technology Teams
Control Room

Less reading false positives, more reading between the lines.

Completely flexible AI models help you detect market manipulation personal misconduct, and more across all your channels. Which means less time-wasting, false positives, and anxiety for you.

Don’t get buried in an avalanche of data

Easily connect existing data across mobile, chat, trade, video, files, email, and more. Then take complete control with customized workflows, policies, and procedures. Deployed quickly wherever your team is.

Uncover the truth faster

Find the information you need right now, when you need it. Collect data without relying on IT support. Use powerful search analytics and case traceability to assess cases earlier and draw conclusions faster. Review comms in multiple languages, accents, and dialects – all united in one platform.

Read between the lines, so no one crosses them

Detect when information leaks into the wrong hands by rapidly putting comms in context, matching messages to deals, restricted actions, and other lists of criteria.

Gain deeper insights, minimize risk

Empower your compliance team with comprehensive supervision tools. Shield’s AI-powered platform enables you to analyze and monitor communications across various channels, uncovering potential risks and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Stay in control, streamline compliance

Streamline your compliance processes and ensure regulatory adherence with Shield’s comprehensive solution. From data capture to analysis and reporting across multiple channels. Simplify your compliance workflows, reduce manual efforts, and maintain audit-ready records.

How it works

Get ahead of risk

Shield’s Digital Communications Compliance platform empowers financial services organizations to capture and analyze communications data, providing actionable insights and guidance to ensure regulatory compliance and achieve business objectives.

Digital Communications Compliance Platform:  A Buyer’s Guide

Explore the dynamic landscape of communications monitoring in our latest buyers’ guide for surveillance. As surveillance teams face a variety of challenges—escalating alerts, decreasing relevance, and mounting compliance fines, choosing a surveillance solution can feel like one more insurmountable task.

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